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All our products are supplied by professional wig manufactures that have over 10 years of experience. They have designed many of wigs which are hot in USA, Europe, Africa and more. And lots of celebrity style wigs like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ciara, Hilton and first lady Obama etc. are provided at an affordable price.




Most of wigs here can be customized. You can choose the right color to flatter your skin, find your own cap size according to our measuring guide, and opt for the length & style of wigs you want. What’s more, since we focus on offering full lace human hair wigs, you can custom the hair density, material, texture and others in your mind.


Our goal is your satisfaction. Here you can learn to find your perfect size and color, and how to put on a wig, explore full lace cap style, and the difference between human hair and synthetic wigs before your buy.

How to find right size?

Your perfect wig starts with finding the right fit.

Here are the measure guide:
Measure all around the head. Position tape measure so its edge follows the hairline around the head and nape of the neck.
2.Front to Nape:
Measure from hairline at center of forehead straight back over crown to center of hairline at nape of neck.
3.Ear to Ear across forehead:
At front of ear, measure from hairline at base of sideburn, up across the hairline along forehead to same point in front of other ear.
4.Ear to Ear over top:
Measure from hairline directly above the ear across top of head to the hairline directly above the other ear.
5.Temple to Temple round back:
From temple to temple across the back of head.
6.Nape of Neck:
Measure the width of hairline across the nape of the neck.



How to choose a color?

Different settings on individual monitors may distort or change colors. The safest way to get the color that best matches your own hair is to take advantage of our Color Chart.


How to measure hair length?

The hair length should be from the head top to the hair bottom as the hair is straight. The curly and wavy wigs are processed from straight wigs, so in the same length, curly and wavy wigs will be shorter by 1-2 inches (it depends on how deep the curl is) than straight wigs

How to choose the length of your wig:



Human Hair Care Info.

Human Hair wigs are the premier choice if you want versatility and luxury. Human hair is soft to the touch and can be styled in endless ways. Due to the high demand of quality human hair, human hair wigs are also the most expensive type of wig you can buy. This is why it is so important to use the right products and the proper techniques to care for your human hair wigs. Wigs made with human hair can last a long time, much longer than synthetic wigs. However, using the wrong care products or washing techniques can drastically reduce the life expectancy of your human hair wig.


How To Wash A Human Hair Wig

Curly wigs washing tips:

1. Do not brush your curls.

2. Comb conditioner through your hair while washing, towel dry and style it with your fingers to prevent frizz



How to put on a wig?

  • Cut the extra lace in the front of the cap (glue less cap) or around the cap (other full lace caps which need to use glue).
  • Braid your own hair, optionally put on your wig cap.
  • Fix your wig by combs or glue (according to the cap construction you choose).
  • For glue less cap, put the cap on your head, and use the combs sewed inside the lace cap to fix your wig.
  • For other caps, instead the combs, use glue around your head circumference to fix your wig.
  • Style the wig as you wish.

Wig wearing tips: sew a elastic band inside your cap, and wearing around your neck to make your wig stay in place.